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Supernatural Forces at Work Here

Posted by neoflame1 - March 2nd, 2010

Guys, there supernatural forces at work here. Read on to find out why...

Earlier after i broke up with my GF (who shattered my heart), somebody stole checks from her and also got her SSN. Later that person sent my ex a note posing as me, and i explained how i still loved her and i wouldn't go so far out of my way to hurt her when i haven't even been within 1000 yards of her in 2 weeks. I wanted her to go through with filing a police report because i knew it was not me who stole the money. this inevitably led her to believe me and on top of that the police investigation found me innocent (which i am).

So what happened last night,
We had a bit of an argument via facebook (i want to talk to her to figure out some things about why she broke up with me, but me getting over it and giving it weeks time isn't enough) and i just left the conversation sad, and angry. i was feeling terribad the rest of the night.

For the next part... well, i'll just copy and paste the e-mail sent to me then i'll tell you how it happened (not offically announced but something i warned her of).
"At approximately 3:00 a.m. on March 2, 2010 a fire was reported on the fourth floor south of Centennial Hall on the Truman State University campus. Fire fighters responded within minutes. Fire damage was contained to one room with smoke damage in the hallway. At this time no injuries have been reported. All Centennial residents were evacuated to the Student Union. Around 4:45 a.m. the residents, with the exception of those living on fourth floor south, were allowed to return to their rooms in Centennial Hall. The Residence Hall staff is working to accommodate those residents who are unable to return their rooms at this time. The preliminary investigation indicates the fire was electrical in nature. The State Fire Marshall will arrive later this morning to do a full investigation."

Yes, know this was my ex becasue i ... first lets back up, i was going back to my dorm when i herd people talk about a fire in the dorm where she lives, so i checked my school email then checked facebook. Her room caught fire due to a hair straightener that she always left plugged in, or the power strip by where all the hair from her brush fell off. Things i warned her about came to be her demise.

So not only has this breakup been rough, no doubt she will think i did this as well. she has made it this rough, plus i have been framed for a crime which i didn't commit. I don't think love means worst breakup possible. when did the meaning change?

So from this i believe that some force in the universe wanted justice to be done upon her for all i selflessly did for her wanting nothing in return, only to break my heart. I am a bit concerned that i am taking the little amount of joy in this that i am... i think that makes me a bastard.


DON'T THINK SO. NOT FOR HER. not really for me either, more like fucked up ending, but meh, it's whatever. :'(

Supernatural Forces at Work Here

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That's rugh shit, but atleast it made a cool story for you to tell.